Language students with a 4 night reservation receive a 20% guestroom…………………………

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‘I came here
to write a fairy tale
so imagine my surprise when
I found myself in such a story
complete with stone towers,
iridescent hummingbirds,
clerical vestments
and guinea-pig sandwiches.

Who knew that
running a hotel
was a high art?

Barbara Ensor, author.

Local experienced teachers, with Director Myriam Aizaga, teaching various levels of Spanish classes.
Interactive classes include 
discussions, visits to famous Otávalo markets and craft-villages, walks around Hacienda Cusin’s extensive gardens and classes about Ecuadorian culture – music, dance, food, traditions… etc
Written Spanish and grammar is emphasized.
Classes from 8:30am-12:30pm-including 30 minute tea and coffee break at 11am with continuing Spanish conversation.
Suggested class time, 4 hours per day .
classes. 1-2 students, $14 per person p. hr.
Discount, 25%, guest room, 4 night minimum reservation.
Group guest room and class rates are available on request.

For larger groups, please request.

Class workbooks and photocopies are provided.
Classes must be reserved at least 2 days in advance.
Students must indicate in advance their Spanish level and provide their own dictionaries, writing material, pens and pencils.
Quito-Cusin transfer, please contact
Please contact us for further information.

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