Crafts and Shopping Itinerary

3- Day Itinerary

Boasting one of the largest, and most lively, indigenous markets in Ecuador, the town of Otavalo, as well as other nearby villages, are renowned for their highly-skilled craftsmen and women. Leather, wood, wool and tagua – these are the raw materials used to carefully craft treasures you can gift yourself, or someone special, and we know just where you should go to find them.

Make sure to reserve Friday night to explore the Otavalo indigenous market!

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Depart Cusín to visit the most colorful indigenous craft market in Ecuador, the Saturday Otavalo Market. Purchase ponchos and sweaters made of 100% alpaca wool, or buy a locally built charango or zampoña.

Overnight stay at: Hacienda Cusín


Head to the artisan town of Cotacachi, known for its leather goods, located about 40 minutes from Hacienda Cusín by private transport. These talented leatherworkers can make anything from shoulder bags to shoes and jackets, using locally-sourced, high-quality leather. Grab a coffee at Café Río Intag while you’re there.

Overnight stay at: Hacienda Cusín


Visit three local workshops in the area starting with a weaving demonstration (dying, spinning and weaving of locally-sourced wool) at Miguel Andrango’s workshop in Peguche, followed by a visit to a woodcarving workshop in San Antonio de Ibarra, ending the day with a visit at Jonathan Jamieson’s leather workshop and showroom at the Otavalo train station.

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