Nature Lover’s Itinerary

3- Day Itinerary

Though the Ecuadorian Andes are dotted with breathtaking landscapes, there are a few, lesser known, spots we’re eager to share with you. During the next three days, you’ll visit the otherworldly Páramo del Angel and its forest of frailejones, possibly spot the vulnerable Andean Spectacled Bear in its natural habitat and, finally, visit Cuicocha, a mystical caldera and crater lake.

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Depart Cusín by private car and head two hours north to Páramo del Angel to see the Andean highlands in their full glory. This landscape boasts the country’s tallest frailejones, reaching up to 7 meters in height. Keep your eyes open for wildlife, including the Andean condor and fox. Enjoy a picnic (prepared by us) for lunch.

Overnight stay at: Polypelips Eco-lodge and spa or Hacienda Pimán


Depart Polylepis Lodge, head an hour south to Pimampiro to observe a rare, and unforgettable, sight: a family of Andean Spectacled Bears (if you’re lucky!). It’s best to arrive early, from 6-8 am or in the afternoon, from 4-6 pm. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Overnight stay at: Hacienda Cusín


Depart Cusín and visit Cuicocha caldera and crater lake, formed 3,100 years ago after a massive volcanic explosion. (Don’t worry, the volcano is dormant now.) Here, you can hike around the lake, or kayak to the two forested islands in the lake, observing Andean aquatic birds like the silvery grebe, hummingbirds and even the Andean Condor. Good place to enjoy a picnic with a view!

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